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Alpha dog... or cool cat?

It's every animal for itself in this casual couch party 1v1 game. Roll around a slippery living room and grab 'Kachow' airhorns to take out your opponent’s HP (health paws) before they take yours! 

Built with love to the theme of 'community', we set out to create an offline couch party game with full cloud software compatibility such as Parsec to make this inclusive for everyone during quarantine.  Combining an unconventional approach to 'community' and the recent surge in pet adoption during 2020, our game focuses on the camaraderie among pet owners... and our shared struggles of cleaning poop and never wearing dark clothes. We used the timeless debate of "hey... are you a cat or dog person?" to drive a casual, comical game reflecting the classic cat vs dog rivalry.

Toggle fullscreen (works best in 16:9) - F11
Force quit - Esc
Menu selection - Enter
Player 1 🐶
Move: A / D
Jump: W
Boost: Spacebar
Player 2 🐱
Move: Left / Right arrow
Jump: Up arrow
Boost: Right shift
Kachow - Damage the beta pet
Yeet Feet - Boost while pressing any cardinal or diagonal direction
Treat - Heal yourself through magical calories

This game was made by a ragtag group of game enthusiasts with no prior game development experience. We thank Design Buddies for this opportunity! (>^.^)> <(^.^<)
- We Make Gaem
Wesley Shang, Shifan Ali, Corey McMillan, Joanna Yu, Allison Schieber

Install instructions

Playing online via Parsec (cloud gaming)

1. Download (free)

2. Create an account

3. Add friend via the left menu 'Friends' page

4. Once the friend request is confirmed, click their name in the 'Friends' page and enable keyboard control.

5. Client (player who's connecting): Click on 'Computers' on top left and click 'Connect' on the host's machine. Host: accept the connection request - it'll show on the bottom bar of the Parsec window.

6. Start up Paws of Fury!

Feel free to reach out to ChinamanYuan#1681 if you have any questions about Parsec! 


Paws of Fury 73 MB

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